Accommodation Options When Visiting Sweden in the Summer

Sweden is one of the most toured countries in Europe during the summer. People in the country are aware of this and have invested a lot in accommodation. The country has some of the finest accommodation options you will ever get to pick from. Here are some of the accommodation options you will get when visiting Sweden in the summer. Make sure to pick wisely what fits your specific needs.

Youth Hostels

These are the most popular accommodations around the country. Their availability in large numbers is what makes them popular. Some of these hostels are located in old castles, prisons and converted lighthouses. There are many reasons which make a hostel an ideal place to spend your time while visiting Sweden in the summer. Some of these advantages are

  • They are cheap.
  • You get to tour in groups.

Staying in a hostel gives a group of people a chance to come up with plans to visit different destinations together. These may be even more fun and cheaper than doing it by yourself.


These are the most popular accommodation facilities around the world. Hotels are one of the cheapest options for accommodation during the summer in Sweden. Most hotels offer their rooms at low prices during this period. Some of the advantages of staying in a hotel are that you will get:

  • Security

Hotels offer security to their customers 24/7 as long as they are in the hotel.

  • Food

You do not have to worry about food when hunger comes knocking. You just call for room service and make your order. The meals offered are of very high quality.

  • Internet Access

Most hotels in the country offer free Wi-Fi with high speeds. This gives customers a chance to do their businesses on the internet.

Mountain Cabins

These are the best places to spend your time if you want a little getaway. Here, you can choose to sleep in a sleeping bag. There are not very many mountain cabins in the country. Staying in a mountain cabin while on a trip has its advantages. Some of the benefits are:

  • They are close to the attraction sites

You will be able to visit some of the best sites with ease from your place of stay.


Official camping sites are located in almost every town in Sweden. Most campsites have cabins. Although these cabins do not have sheets, they have a kitchen, utensils and bunk beds. This helps the people staying in the campsite to have a chance of making their own meals thus lowering their costs of living there. One of the advantages of staying in campsites is socialization. You will surely have a great time when socializing with other campers in the campsite.