Things to See and Do in The Sweden Countryside

A lot of interesting stuff happens outside the major cities of Sweden. Sometimes, it feels good to escape the pollution and noise that defines the cities. Take some time and visit the countryside. There are so many things that you can see and do while in the countryside, including:

Discover Historial Hidden Gems

Sweden is considered a place where historical royalty lived, and the countryside is dotted with several pieces of evidence that there was once a rich history and culture around the place. You will be bumping into grand castles and manors that have open doors and a guide who will be able to explain to you the origin of such houses. By the time you are done with the trip, you will get to understand and appreciate the Nordic culture.

Dine and Wine

The countryside boasts of having natural food that has been taken directly from the farms. Nothing like the overprocessed and fried unhealthy food options found in fast-food restaurants in the city. So, if you are in the countryside, visit some of the local hotels and restaurants. You will find the traditional Swedish cuisine in its pure form. Enjoy your savoury meatballs, a must-have in Sweden with some lingonberry jam. You can also have some husmanskost (traditional food) to tease your palate. Some pea soup, porridge feather-light pancakes are just some of the few foods you can have in the countryside. Sweden is known for its vodka, so do not miss out on that If you want to try something more traditional, maybe you should try their punsch which is the local liquor.

Visit the Market

the countryside always has a market day where the farmers bring their fresh produce together for sale. It is such a vibrant activity that brings people from different parts. You do not have to go and buy (although it will be hard to resist the fresh items ) but you can just go there to watch, interact, and be a part of the activities. There are some farmers who even have stalls where they cook, so you can have your food cooked as you watch.

Go on a Cruise

To add some fun to your visit to the countryside, you should consider going for a cruise, There are many destinations, and you can choose a route that takes you through nature’s finest. The UNESCO heritage site of Bryggen is one of the places you can choose. You can also take the trip with the shop that goes through Norway while marveling at the unexplored Swedish countryside.

Go for a Hike

The beauty of the forest and the long winding roads offer a good opportunity to either go for a bike ride or do it on foot. There is so much beauty in letting the fresh air hit your face as you jog or huff away on your bicycle. It is no wonder that every year, especially around the summer, several hikers make their way to Sweden countryside to enjoy these hiking trails.

Take a moment and Relax

This may sound so odd being in the list of things to do, but you definitely need it. If you have been having a hectic life and you have struggled with stress and anxiety, there is no better way to relax that you head to the countryside. The silence. nature and friendliness of the people around you will make you want to relax. Take a day to just go to a place that calms you, devoid of noise of distraction. You can then sit silently with your thoughts and enjoy the countryside.

Engage in Adventure Sports

The countryside in Sweden has many adventure sports that you can engage in. Go camping in the forest, as long as you keep safe. If you are in a location near water, try kayaking. Aspoja and Missjo are some of the common places for people to go kayaking. There is no shortage of activities to do. You just have to develop interest.